Sağlam Yapı - Bizden Haberler


Thanks to Saglam Yapi, you will enjoy the charm and luxury of being a few minutes away from this street located in the most elegant area of Istanbul, decorated with local and foreign store chains and stylish cafes and restaurants appealing to all kinds of tastes from Turkish cuisine to the world cuisine.


Bagdat Street offers you an elite life and perfect opportunities!

Fashion and Latest Trends

You will feel special while shopping in Bagdat Street which was selected the best fourth shopping street on the world, leaving behind Champs Elysees in Paris and 5th Avenue in New York. 

A Life in the Perfection of Nature


You will live in a dream thanks to side streets dominated by green, its unique nature and the opportunities offered by the shoreline especially in summer. 

Sea, sand, sun... 

Nicely-sounding three words, a view calling to holiday and resembling the nature... They all will be so close to you.

Healthy Life and Sports

Social facilities with a sea view, kilometers of walking, jogging and cycling tracks, and a marina hosting sailing and rowing races and harboring hundreds of boats and yachts. A life in touch with health, sports and nature is waiting for you.

Gourmet Tastes and Enjoying a Meal

In this elegant area with hundreds of cafes and restaurants, you will discover unique tastes from the world cuisine to Turkish cuisine and feel yourself like a gourmet, thanks to the different meals you'd taste. 

Showing up at Events and Openings

Thanks to Saglam Yapi's prestigious difference and comfort, you will experience and enjoy the privilege of being close to this center of attraction visited by thousands every day, full of various celebrations and cultural and art activities throughout the year.

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